Principles of applied phylosophy of Sun-Jeevan Yoga

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The aim of Sun- Jeevan yoga is to evolve a system of 'Teaching the Philosophy of the Ancient Science of Yoga'.

This is necessary to assist the modern medical Science to evolve the therapeutic approach. This will enable the humanity to broaden the sphere of understanding the building process of the universe. Once this is fully understood, the technique to rejuvenate and regenerate the ailing human beings from various incurable diseases at present.

'Hatha-Yoga', the practical method of approach of the Astanga-Yoga, guarantees the achievement of the state of Health by practicing the first chapter of ‘Hatha-Yoga’ namely the Yoga postures. Secondly by understanding the principles of Pranayama, and mastering the secrets behind the technique of rhythmic activity of the respiratory system, the practioner can gain the intellectual control on the function of the nervous system. Once this is achieved it is easy to balance the relation between the matter and the energy i.e. Body and mind respectively. It will be the best approach in healing the diseased bodyand mind.

Use of Props

Various types of props such as pieces of furniture like chair, benches of different types along with cotton articles like blankets, bolsters, pillows etc are used to support the body. Various lengths of cotton straps with metal fasteners and loops of Nylon cotton combined ropes are also used to get the anchorage and movement of the body. In short, 'props' are silent teachers.

Factors in Postures : To be observed in learning

  1. A posture is divided into small bits and the student should learn step by step.
  2. Understand the position of torso and the limbs separately.
  3. Co-ordination between both (as discussed above).
  4. Awareness of space within the body and its relation with space outside.
  5. Physical ease and Physiological benefits gained in a posture.
  6. Effect in relieving, symptoms and signs of diseases.
  7. Experience of ‘Ease’ without posture.

Principle of Bio-Technology and Kinetics

  1. Relationship between 'gravity and levity'.
  2. Properties of Dextro and laevo rotation of 'Torso.'
  3. Co-ordination of Sensory system through Touch-Vision and Vestibular balance.
  4. Synchronization of action between Agonist and Antagonist groups of muscles.
  5. Cerebral motor sensory control during the sustenance of the posture.
  6. Understanding of the basic elements i.e. Earth-Water-Fire-Air and Space through the 'Fractional Variation of Densities.'
  7. Awareness of nearness of 'Bones within Joints.'
  8. Equilibrium between right and left sides of the body through coordination between the opposite sided cerebellum and cerebrum.
  9. Physiological control on the 'Body-Metabolism.'
  10. Memory programming for enhancing the skill in performing the posture.
  11. Application of the memory from the experience, in day to day life.
  12. Intellectual knowledge to be converted into genetic coding in each body cell, ultimately resulting into the natural physiological behavior pattern of the body.

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