What is Yoga ?

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In this 21 century the human being is very much engrossed in day today activities, that he has no time for himself. Hence it has become very important for practicing 'Yoga' for maintaining good health of body and mind. With the yogic postures, proper functioning of all the systems within the body are ensured, this delays the onset of disease process in the body. When overall health of a person is improved there is a sense of well-being and it also increases self confidence.

The method for improve ones health is through yoga postures. Postures like
  • Standing
  • Sifting
  • Lying down

These are natural states of human body which are practiced in every day life by all naturally. But in appearance of metabolic disorders in respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and hormonal systems, these arts get interrupted due to present disease. Yoga ensures to bring back natural skill through disciplining gross body. This can be achieved by practicing Sun Jeevan Yoga postures. These postures are modified version of traditional Hatha Yoga posture brought into practice by use of props. Postures are made easy to perform, quick in response and beneficial to all age groups and sexes.

Regular practice of these asanas will help in prevention and curing of disease, hence avoiding future catastrophe.

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